NW-SCC Workforce Solutions

The NW-SCC Workforce Solutions Division provides area companies and individuals with a wide range of technical training, administrative assistance, and personal development courses in the belief that learning is a life-long experience. This division, because of its flexibility, provides services not found in the traditional education environment.

The NW-SCC Workforce Solutions staff works with area companies to meet specific training needs. If NW-SCC courses do not meet the company's requirements, we will work with your company to develop a training program. Northwest-Shoals will provide the training to your standards. NW-SCC staff, along with company representatives, will monitor instruction to ensure employees reach the company's training outcomes.

By partnering workforce training with the resources of our College, we are able to draw upon the most current personnel management practices along with modern equipment including computers, software, machine tools, robotics, electronics, and safety devices. Additionally, Northwest-Shoals is prepared to conduct training at the times and locations convenient for our business clients and their employees. Below are some of the options and resources available to business, industry, and community members.

Customized Manufacturer Training

Working with the industrial manufacturers in our service area to provide worker training is the primary focus of the NW-SCC Workforce Solutions Division. By working together, companies are able to meet minimum class sizes and obtain quality training locally at lower cost than sending employees away for training or by bringing in expensive consultants. Courses are offered on a variety of topics including PLC Troubleshooting, Hydraulic Training, Pneumatics Training, Welding, Electrical Maintenance, Alignment, and Blueprint Reading.

Computer Classes

Because of the increased use of computers in every aspect of the world of work, we offer classes in the most popular software. If you are interested in taking any computer course, call us at the number below. We will work with you to schedule the course to meet your needs at a time convenient to your schedule. We offer Microsoft Office 2010 or Microsoft Office 2013 training as well as training in other areas such as AutoCAD/SolidWorks.

Alabama Technology Network at the Bevill Center

Northwest-Shoals is a partner with and the home of the Alabama Technology Network (ATN) at the Bevill Center; one of a network of centers of technical excellence located across the State of Alabama.

Contact Information

Roger Garner, Director

Cari McCanless, Assistant