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Recommended Basic Computer Requirements for Web and TeleWeb Courses:

Microsoft Windows XP

Microsoft Internet Explorer 6.0
(AOL will not work with many web courses!)

Microsoft Word

CD-ROM Drive

Printer connected to your computer

56 kpbs Modem Connection (DSL/Cable Connection Preferred)

Note:  CIS146 & CIS147 require Microsoft Office XP to complete lab assignments in a completely distance format.

ENG101, ENG102, and ENG271 all require Microsoft Word to complete essay assignments in a completely distance format.

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Software Documentation & Help

WebCT logo. The link goes to homepage.

WebCT Campus Edition 6.0


Logging into WebCT (distance students only):

Note:  Click "Yes" or "OK" to any security messages that appear during the login process.

  • > Go to
    > Highlight Academic Areas on the menu
    > Click on Distance Education
    > Click the WebCT link on the left side of the screen
    > Click on Northwest-Shoals Community College
    > Click Log In
  • > Enter User ID and Password and click the OK button
    User ID:  first initial + last initial + student number (Example:  jd12345)
    student number
  • (Student Number is the five-digit student number assigned by the college.  It should be under your name on your NW-SCC OneCard / ID.)

WebCT Demonstration Videos

(Note:  These videos require Windows Media Player.  Most Windows computers have a version of the player already installed.  If your computer does not have the player, you can download it for free here.)

WebCT Intro (how to log in)

Navigating in WebCT - WebCT Screen Capture

View Announcements

Discussion Posting

Discussion Postings - WebCT Screen Capture

Submit an Assignment

Assignments - WebCT Screen Capture

Send a Mail Message

Assessments - WebCT Screen Capture

WebCT Browser Tuneup & Support

Always run a browser check to make sure your computer has all necessary plug-ins to run WebCT.  You can do this after you log in to your WebCT course or by using the link above.

If you are unable to correct the technical problem you are having, please contact the Distance Education Office at 256-331-5395 or, and we will work with you and WebCT to find a solution.


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Student Video

Student QuickStart

Student User Manual


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