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about NW-SCC OneCard features.

Every Northwest-Shoals Community College student will receive the NW-SCC OneCard that will serve as both a student ID and a new way to receive financial aid refunds.

Advantages of the
Higher One OneAccount:

  • This is the fastest way to receive your financial aid refund.
  • The OneCard can be used to access cash at an ATM, pay bills, send money electronically, and make purchases at any location that accepts Debit Mastercard.
  • There is no monthly fee or minimum balance for the OneAccount.
  • Students can access the OneAccount statement online to see when refunds are available.

After receiving the new OneCard in the mail, students will activate the card online. During the activation process, students will choose how to receive any financial aid refunds.

Financial Aid Refund Options Include:

  • Direct deposit to Higher One OneAccount
  • Deposit to another bank of your choice

NWSCC One Card

NW-SCC OneCard

How to Set Up Your NW-SCC Email
How To Get or Replace a OneCard / Student ID
How do I Activate my OneCard?
Step-by-Step Activation Screenshots
Activate My OneCard!
OneCard Fee Schedule
OneCard Account User Guide
One Card Questions & Answers
How to Change Your Refund Selection
Control Your Finances
Tips for Using the ATM
Parents' Guide

Problems with Your OneCard? - Pick up the RED PHONE (located next to the ATM on each campus) to speak with a HigherOne representitive.


Shoals Campus

Phone: 256-331-5226
Location: Cashier's Office / Building 100,
Victor P. Poole Administration Complex

Phil Campbell Campus

Phone: 256-331-6382
Location: Cashier's Office / Building 304,
Student Union Building