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NW-SCC Associate Degree Nursing Program



The tuition rate is the same as for other NW-SCC students, but nursing program students will incur other expenses, which are listed below. Note that the amounts listed are approximations and that they are subject to change without notice.

Textbooks and course outlines
Professional liability insurance
Drug Screening
Clinical Laboratory kit
Clinical ID Badges
Uniforms and necessary equipment (stethoscope, watch with second hand, pen light, etc.
Physical examination
Standardized Exams

Additional expenses anticipated during the final semester of the ADN program are approximate. These are as follows:

NW-SCC graduation pictures
Nursing Pin (Optional)
NCLEX-RN Review Course (optional)
RN licensure application (AL) $88.50
RN temporary permit (AL) (optional)

NOTICE: In addition to the expenses listed above, you are responsible for transportation, meals, health care expenses, any liability incurred during and while traveling to and/or from educational experiences.



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