PROTECT YOURSELF and your work!

Copyright protection is AUTOMATIC as long as 2 conditions
are met:
1. It must be your ORIGINAL work
2. It must be in a tangible form - it must be readable and physical. It cannot be just a thought in your mind. Once you create it and put it in a form that can be transfered to others, it is copyrighted - YOU OWN IT.

For more information on copyright basics, visit the U. S. Copyright website:


As the Owner / Creator, you have the right to:
1. allow someone to copy your work (or not).
2. allow someone to distribute your work (or not).
3. allow someone to display your work publicly (or not).
4. allow someone to perform your work in public (or not).
5. allow someone to base another work on yours (or not).


Everyone has the RESPONSIBILITY to respect the exclusive ownership rights of others. It's the Golden Rule and it's the law. Everyone has the right to profit from their work, and everyone has the responsibility to respect the rights of others.


Plagiarism is stealing someone else's words and using them as your own. Plagiarism is a violation of the Student Code of Conduct and is treated as a very serious matter here at Northwest-Shoals Community College.


Peer-to-peer file sharing has been receiving a lot of attention in the news recently. To view a short video on P2P file sharing, click the link below.
Peer-to-Peer File Sharing Video

Links for Royalty-Free Music,
Pictures and Graphics

Ball State University - Royalty Free Music
Royalty Free Music
Royalty Free Ringtones
Royalty Free Pictures
Royalty Free Pictures, Graphics, etc.
Royalty Free Podcasts
Free Fonts for Mac or Windows
Free Desktops & Royalty Free Images
Fantastic Fonts
NASA - Free images
Royalty Free Sound Clips
Free Loops and Sounds
Public Domain Music / Royalty Free Music
Public Domain, Copyright Free, Open Source, and Student Use Images and Media

Higher Education Opportunity Act Compliance

Digital Millennium Copyright Act

NW-SCC Copyright Compliance Policy
If you have any concerns regarding copyright infringement, please contact:
April Cookson
Northwest-Shoals Community College
800 George Wallace Blvd
P. O. Box 2545
Muscle Shoals, AL 35662

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