Dual Credit / Dual Enrollment

Northwest-Shoals Community College wants to assist high school students in pursuing your academic and career goals. The Dual Enrollment/Dual Credit Program allows eligible high school students to enroll in college courses through Northwest-Shoals and earn both high school and college credit. College courses count toward high school graduation credits, and the courses remain part of a student's regular college transcript.

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Courses Offered:
History, English, Social Science, Business/Computer Science, Mathematics, Technical/Occupational Programs, Science, and Humanities


*You must meet the entrance requirements of NWSCC and your high school.
*You must have a "B" average in completed high school courses.
*You must have written approval of your high school principal and  your superintendent.
*You must be grade 10, 11, 12 or have an exception granted by Northwest-Shoals upon the recommendation of your principal or superintendent in accordance with Alabama Administrative Code 290-8-9.17 regarding gifted and talented students.

To Apply:

1. Complete an application for admission

2. Submit your transcript, including ACT scores if applicable.

3. Obtain and submit a DE/DC agreement form, completed and signed by your principal and superintendent.


COST SAVINGS Tuition and fees at NWSCC are significantly less than those of four year colleges and universities.

SIMULTANEOUS CREDIT Earn academic credit for both high school graduation and a college degree.

EDUCATIONAL EDGE Get a jumpstart on your college career while easing the transition from high school to college.

For more information, contact the dual credit/enrollment office at 256-331-5313 or 256-331-5240.