TECHNOLOGY HELP . . . for Students

STUDENTS who decide to take Distance Education classes should have these basic technology skills:
          Be able to navigate the Internet easily.
          Be able to upload and download files.
          Be able to install software.
          Be able to send and receive e-mails.
          Be able to attach files to emails.

Students without this fundamental knowledge should attempt distance classes AFTER they have successfully learned these skills.

         Basic Moodle for NW-SCC Students
         Using Moodle Messaging
         Using Moodle Forums (Discussions)
         Using Moodle Assignments

         Student Help
         Student Quick Start
         Student User Manual

myNW-SCC                             (Login Instructions}
Students can access information through myNW-SCC where they will find:
         Student Financial Information
               (Status, requirements & receipts)
         Student Scheduling/Registration
               (Grades, Add/drop, Holds)
         Student Information
             (Contact and account information
             e-mail address, "N" number)

You will need to know
         Your Student E-mail address
         Your student identification number (assigned               by Admissions - "N" + nine digits)
         Your six-digit Date of Birth

         Login to Student E-mail


PLEASE NOTE    Some classes CIS146, CIS147 and CIS148 require Microsoft Office 2013 (PowerPoint, Word, Excel, and Access) to complete lab assignments in a completely distance format.

CIS249 requires Microsoft Windows 7 to complete lab assignments in a completely distance format.

ENG101, ENG102, ENG271, and ENG272 all require Microsoft Word or the ability to save documents in Microsoft Word format. OpenOffice is a free software package that will allow you to save documents in Microsoft Word format. It may be downloaded free at

Copyright Basics for Students

NW-SCC student

A detailed Student Help Site is available to all students in Moodle including information on admissions, tutoring, advising, financial aid, test proctoring, library services, technical support, etc. You can also find helpful videos on the NW-SCC Distance Education YouTube site.

RECOMMENDED Basic Computer Requirements for Distance Education Courses

     Microsoft Windows XP, 7, or 8
     Microsoft Internet Explorer 8.0 or higher (or Firefox Version 23 or higher) (AOL & Google Chrome browsers WILL NOT WORK with many web courses! )
     Microsoft Word (or the ability to save in Microsoft Word format
     CD-ROM / DVD-ROM drive
      Printer connected to your computer
     DSL / Cable internet connection
     DVD Player may be needed for courses requiring students to view videos

For technology assistance, please contact us at one of the numbers or email addresses below.

(256) 331-5395 or (256) 331-5453 or