Advising Center

The purpose of the Advising Center is to provide knowledgeable assistance to ensure students achieve their academic goals. Every student is assigned an advisor based on their program of study. These assignments are designed to help create a mentoring relationship to develop degree completion plans, resolve academic concerns, and serve as a liaison between faculty and staff. The Advising Center assists the students in understanding college policies and by connecting students to campus resources available.

Shoals Campus - Building 100

Hours of Operation
Monday-Thursday     8:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m.
Friday     8:00 a.m. - 12:00 Noon

Contact Information
Phone   256-331-5221

Roles and Responsibilities of the Advisor

*Advise students about academic requirements for their degree plan and the selection of courses.
*Maintain contact with assigned advisees regarding registration, advising sessions, academic status, and other necessary college information.
*In appropriate situations be a student liaison.
*Monitor and work with advisee to resolve academic concerns.

Roles and Responsibilities of the Student

*Schedule and attend all advising appointments.
*Currently enrolled student need to see their assigned advisor
*Participate in the advising process.
*Be prepared to discuss your goals and educational plans.
*Compile a list of questions concerning your educational plans to be discussed with your advisor.
*Ultimately, you are responsible for making your own decisions regarding your education. Transfer students should create a transfer guide agreement.
*If your ACT score is below 20 in Math or English, please schedule the Placement Test before meeting with your advisor.

All new freshmen should visit the Advising Center on the Muscle Shoals campus. Distance Education students may contact the Advising Center by phone at 256-331-5221 or email at Transfer and transient students are also encouraged to make use of the Advising Center.

What's the difference between a Certificate, AAS Degree,
and AS Degree?

Associate in Science Degree (AS)


2 year degree

Transfer to a 4 year college after NW-SCC

Transfer to a 4 year college using STARS

General Studies Degree
Associate in Applied Science Degree (AAS)


2 year degree

Go directly into workforce after NW-SCC

Some classes transfer to 4 year college

Various specialized degrees
Certificate Program



Short term training

Check with senior institution for transfer credit

Specific occupational skills


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      Transfer to a 4 year public college
      Transfer to a 4 year private college
      Transferring out of state


Contact the Advising Center Staff:

     MaLea Milstead
     Phone: 256-331-5297
     B.S., University of Alabama

     Melanie Thompson
     Phone: 256-331-5375
     B.S., University of West Alabama
     M of Ed., University of Tennessee

     Andrew Robbins
     Phone: 256-331-5218

     Brittany Jones
     Phone: 256-331-5243
     B.A., Auburn University at Montgomery