GED Online Orientation

1. You will need an e-mail address and phone number where you can be reached.
2. You will need access to a computer with the following requirements:

  • Microsoft Windows
  • DSL or higher internet connection
  • Internet Explorer version 5 or 6 (Internet Explorer 7 will work, but you will need to download a patch)

3. How did you learn about the GED online program?
_____ College Staff Member
_____ Friend or Family Member
_____ College High School Counselor or Teacher
_____ College Letter Accompanying GED Test Results
_____ College Magazine
_____ College Mail
_____ College Newspaper
_____ College Pamphlet or Brochure
_____ College Radio
_____ College TV
_____ College Website
_____ Other _____________________________________________________________________________________________

4. Your primary reason for choosing this program is:
_____ college Work schedule
_____ College Childcare Issues
_____ College Health / Disability Issues
_____ College Personal Preference
_____ College Privacy
_____ College Transportation Issues
_____ Other _____________________________________________________________________________________________

5. You must make an appointment to come to the NW-SCC Muscle Shoals Campus to be evaluated. This will take about 3 hours. You re required to score on a 9th grade level or above to be eligible for the GED online class.

6. You will be required to work online a minimum of 10 hours per week in this class. In addition, you will have to come to the NW-SCC class once a month to update your records and verify that you are making progress.

If you are still interested, please contact Betty Stone, our GED Online Instructor, for more information and for qualifications:
Betty Stone
(256) 331-8175

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