Northwest-Shoals Community College Disability Services

Northwest-Shoals Community College (NW-SCC) complies with the Rehabilitation Act of 1973 (Section 504) and the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) of 1990. Students have the responsibility to request accommodations and to provide appropriate documentation to the ADA Office.


The NW-SCC ADA Office offers services for students who have documented disabilities to ensure access and equal opportunity for them to pursue their educational goals. Eligible students may register for services with the ADA Office, and personnel will develop a plan with each student for reasonable and appropriate accommodations related to their individual disabilities.


Students who have a documented disability are eligible to register for services with the ADA Office. Disabilities may involve physical or mobility impairments, vision or hearing impairments, learning disabilities, a psychological diagnosis, or other relevant diagnosed conditions.


Students must complete the paperwork below and submit to the ADA campus secretary. Students must also provide appropriate documentation from a professional stating the type of disability and recommendations for academic adjustments. Acceptable documentation may be from a doctor, counselor, or Alabama Vocational Rehabilitation Service. Documentation must be provided on the letterhead of the professional. Once documentation is submitted, students will individually meet with the ADA Coordinator to determine appropriate accommodations to fit students' needs.

Accommodations Request Form

Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) Release Form


Available services might include, but are not limited to, classroom adaptations, print magnifiers, extended time on tests, quiet room testing, note-takers, test readers, interpreter services, liaison with faculty and staff, and liaison with community agencies such as Vocational Rehabilitation.


NW-SCC ADA Handbook

College Preparation for Students with Disabilities Handbook

Transition from High School to College

Alabama Department of Rehabilitation Services

Easter Seals Northwest Alabama

Transition Resource Directory


Crystal Ingle

Assistant Dean of Student Success / ADA Coordinator
Phone: (256) 331-5249
FAX: (256) 331-5225
Shoals Office: Building 100, Room 103B
Phil Campbell Office: Building 301, Room 14N

Sharon Jo McBride

Secretary, Shoals Campus
Phone: (256) 331-5262
Fax: (256) 331-5315
Office Location: Building 100, Room 122C

Sarah Wright

Student Success Coach, Phil Campbell Campus
Phone: (256) 331-6353